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Lavanya Upadhyaya

Lavanya is a junior studying Engineering Physics, with a concentration in Nuclear Engineering and minors in chemistry and mathematics. Her research focuses on the implications of international engineering, first focusing on ecological projects that impact rural communities, backed up by data analysis and case studies, and the importance of thinking about the consumer market in engineering. She is particularly interested in environmental engineering, and how to implement renewable energy in rural areas. In the past, Lavanya has been involved in NASA robotics and research of extracting clean water from humid air to find ways of making pure drinking water in places that lack it.
Lavanya is involved in the Engineering Freshman Committee as a part of Engineering Council, and is in multiple projects as well as the executive board of Engineers Without Borders. She has received the William Pascoe Scholarship from the College of Engineering.

Research topics

  • Implementation of renewable energy in rural areas (particularly Guatemala case study)
  • Societal input in Contextual Engineering