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Contextual Engineering


University of Illinois undergraduate and graduate students, learn about community-informed design and engineering in a 12 credit-hour certificate program!

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Engineers assessing the surrounding water sources near a community in Honduras.

Engineers assess the surrounding water sources in El Tablon, Honduras for a water-stressed Lenca community that would not consider drawing from the nearby springs as they held sacred meaning to their culture.

About the Group

CERG consists of University of Illinois students and staff researching user-informed approaches in engineering projects around the world.

Our Focus Areas
  • Contextualized Design and Technology

  • Identification of Community Influences

  • Effects of Stakeholder Motivations

  • Impacts of Group Marginalization

  • Reponses to Climate Change

Featured Project

Contextualized Design of Rural Energy Systems for Improved Sustainability

This project is a case study of energy needs in the Navajo Nation aimed at better understanding how the local social, political, cultural, and economic factors influence the selection of the most appropriate engineering design solutions for rural and remote communities.

A small solar panel system in a Navajo reservation.
Contextual Engineering
Research Group

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