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supporting effectiveness in international engineering design and implementation

The Illinois International Center for Contextual Engineering brings together a diverse group of scholars and practitioners to improve the design, operation, and sustainability of infrastructure projects in alternately developed societies. ICCE channels our expertise, passion, and creativity toward improving the quality of life particularly for rural societies whose identities and livelihoods are being lost.  These societies are the basis of many nations’ food security, yet many rural residents are forced to abandon their agricultural identities and migrate to urban centers, simply so they may obtain basic human services like safe drinking water and improved sanitation.

ICCE envisions a world in which mobility is a choice for all inhabitants, rural or urban, and societies are supported on their own terms rather than the terms of the infrastructure providers.

As the center grows, we look forward to collaborating with academic, business and non-profit partners to build an elite cohort leading the way in developing successful and sustainable engineering solutions for areas around the world. The Centers’ courses, research, project implementation, and worldwide collaboration with academic institutions, policymakers, and NGOs will also develop the next generation of global citizens.

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