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A non-exhasutive list of journal articles related to contextual engineering with at least one author affiliated with CERG.

15 Articles

Contextual Engineering Leverages Local Knowledge to Guide Water System Design

Working on a water system for a rural community in Ecuador, engineering practitioners examine the importance of place-based knowledge and an understanding of the local people when designing sustainable infrastructure.

Cultivating the Assimilative Perspective in Contextual Engineering - Knowing What You Don't Know

This paper emphasizes the need for direct interaction and communication with members of a client society, in addition to background research, in order to achieve a more robust perception of its context and needs.

The Need for Teaching Place-Based Contextualization For Sustainable Power System Infrastructure Design

Using the example of energy infrastructure design, researchers examine the failures of student-designed international energy projects, and make the case for programs that teach contextual analysis to engineering students.

Contextual Engineering
Research Group

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