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Contextual Predictive Tool

Intended for use during the preparation and research before an engineering project, this core resource helps to identify non-engineering conditions that should be considered in designing and implementing sustainable infrastructure.

The Predictive Tool is a list of survey questions about various non-engineering conditions of a recipient community. It serves a dual-purpose: its results provide greater insight as to which non-technical influences impact the community the most, and the process of filling out the survey allows practitioners to examine and understand the client community more deeply.

Core Influences

  • Cultural - the influence of values and identities unique to a community

  • Political - the influence of power dynamics within a society

  • Educational - the desire to learn new concepts and acquire new knowledge

  • Mechanical - the capacity to keep technology running

  • Economic - the influence of monetary or material need

Specifically, the survey is 41 questions rated on a 5-point Likert scale to evaluate the relative influences of critical non-engineering conditions for the client community. These questions are for the practitioners to answer. Looking more deeply at a community will help engineers understand the values, beliefs, and identities that determine whether a society will accept, adopt and evolve the infrastructure they design.

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