Indigenous Bolivian Technology and Music

The Contextual Engineering Research Group is partnering with Universidad Privada Boliviana, La Paz, and Fundacion Ingenieros En Accion, to identify indigenous context for the purpose of tailoring a technology-training program that addresses the Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexus in the face of Global Climate Change. During field research to indigenous Bolivia in early March 2022, team members visited six Aymara communities on the Altiplano (High Plains) of the country to learn more about ancestral practices, identity, and needs associated with FEW. In partnership with the University of Illinois ACES Academy, CERG researchers also worked with music faculty to examine the relationship between Western and indigenous music and technology to identify how each teaches us about the value of incorporating ancestral practice into music and technical design for indigenous communities.

Several videos of travel are posted below. Deep thanks to Associate Professor of Horn Bernhard Scully, Applied Research Institute Research Engineering Alexandra Timmons, and student Research Assistant Jessica Mingee. Click on an image to see associated video.

On the streets of Janko Kollo, Bolivia

Riding the teleferico in La Paz

Jessica joins an Aymara band