Contextual Engineering
Research Group

Focus Areas

Much of the research at CERG falls under one or more focus areas that surround understanding client contexts in a variety of situations. This non-exhaustive list captures some of the core applications of contextual engineering.

Contextualized Design and Technology

The technical aspect of contextual engineering: the integration of community context into the applied design process. Critically includes processing the specific needs of a community to produce appropriate technical solutions.

Identification of Community Influences

Observing and analyzing the variety of social influences that impact engineering projects and make communities unique. The Contextual Predictive Tool is one comprehensive way for engineers to better understand the aspects that influence a community that they are working with.

Effects of Stakeholder Motivations

Analyzing the varying–and often conflicting–goals and motivations of stakeholders to determine how they affect project progress and outcomes. Usually includes non-profits, funding parties, the involved community, and more.

Impacts of Group Marginalization

Uplifting and integrating community voices that have historically been ignored in the engineering design process. This can include women or entire communities, in general groups or individuals not usually in the position to influence decisions.

Reponses to Climate Change

Applying context to ensure engineering projects are environmentally and socially sustainable, particularly for rural communities that are prone to the damaging effects of climate change. Although developing long-lasting solutions are important, significant focus often goes towards determining how various communities will respond to global warming, critically informing technical decisions.

Contextual Engineering
Research Group

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